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Podcast Pro Guesting

Ready to get booked on podcasts? 

Learn our proven successful strategies to get booked on top podcasts, create a beautiful one-sheet, and get coached on how to be a stellar guest

Join our 8-week program and get booked on 8 podcasts! 

Next Course Starts April 5th, 2020! 

Uplevel & Network

Uplevel your podcast guesting skills by guesting on mid to top tier podcasts. Network with fellow experts and make connections to grow your visibility and credibility. 

Get Booked

Get booked on 8 podcasts to skyrocket your visibility, community and sales!

Grow Your List

Grow your list of followers by using podcast guesting to share your value based content. 

This Program Is For You If You Want...

The Podcast Pro Guesting 8-Week Program is for you if you want to get booked on podcasts to grow your network of warm leads, extend your visibility reach, and share your message with a new audience. We’ve taken the hard work out of podcast guesting by creating this program that includes over 10 years of expertise in podcasting, networking and marketing. This program is perfect for you if you want:  

  • To create 3 podcast pitches that will get you booked again and again
  • To design your one-sheet or media kit that podcast hosts will instantly love and say yes to
  • To get booked on 8 amazing podcasts that the audience will want to learn more from you