Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with a Podcast

The entrepreneur world is changing and it is here to stay. The number one trend that has been accumulating is starting a podcast. But some may ask how and why should you start one?  Like any other creative outlet, a podcast can increase your visibility in a different way. People have a choice to choose what they hear. When they subscribe to your podcast they are truly interested in what you have to say as an individual and a brand.  Most entrepreneurs are missing out on a wonderful opportunity starting a podcast, simply because they do not know where or how to start. Keep reading, I’ve put together our top 5 (proven successful) tips for starting a podcast. 

Tip #1: Pick a niche

Make sure you know what niche you want to talk about. There are so many niches out there so you want to make sure you can commit to it. Your niche will let your audience know what they’re getting. In addition, having a niche will allow you to become more searchable on the big web. 

Tip #2: Plan

Planning your episodes is key. If you’ve listened to our podcast, you know that we suggest planning out what you will talk about, as well as planning and batching your episodes to use your time efficiently. Having a solid plan on what you’re going to talk about in the future is extremely important because it will not only make the process easier but it will reduce your stress. Who doesn’t love that! Be ahead of the game, not behind. 

Tip #3: Find Inspiration 

Finding inspiration is a great habit to get into as it can open you up to new and interesting ideas to talk about on your podcast. Feeling motivated while writing your scripts is how are going to connect with your audience. Join the fun and start your journey feeling inspired. 

Tip #4: Pick a Name

Picking a name for your podcast is a good feeling, but can also be frustrating. But no need to get nervous because all you need to do is pick a name that aligns with who you are. The name you choose will be the identity of your brand. Picking a name can be simple as using your own name or a word that describes what you’re mainly going to talk about in your podcast. Some examples may include The Story of Justine, The Truth, The Every Everything, etc. For our podcast, we chose “Quit Your Pitching” because we want to help entrepreneurs stop pitching and start collaborating. We also offer podcast tips and tricks, including some of which are in this blog post! 

Tip #5: Get a Microphone

You do not need anything fancy starting a podcast. If you have the basics, including a microphone, laptop or phone, and a quiet place to record. You are all set! There is no need to spend a ton of money on equipment. Amazon has tons of microphones you can choose from that have the ability to connect to your devices. If you’d like a few suggestions, feel free to comment or message us. 

I hope you guys enjoyed the list of tips for getting started with a podcast. Please comment below if you are thinking of starting a podcast or have questions!

Power on podcaster, 


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