Pitching & Guesting Services

Generate Visibility, Credibility, and Sales!

Getting in front of the right audience can help you do all of these things. Podcast guesting is a proven successful way to do this!

Podcast Pitching Services

Includes pitching you to other podcasts, speaking events and entrepreneurs. 

Podcast Guesting Services

Includes managing your guests, guest appearances, and more. 


These are our most commonly chosen packages. We do offer custom packages created for those who have a specific vision, and can create bundle packages if looking for more than one service type.

Bronze Package

$ 500 / Month To Month
  • Custom Made One-Sheet/Media Kit
  • 2 Podcast Guests or Appearances

Silver Package

$ 2500 / 90 Days
  • Custom Made One-Sheet/Media Kit
  • Custom Pitch Templates Created For You
  • 15 Podcast Guests or Appearances
  • Guest Management & Marketing
  • Calendar Management
  • Podcast Interview Prep
  • Strategize Your Free Gift For Guest Appearances

Gold Package

$ 5000 /90 Days
  • This package is for those on a mission to get booked. It includes all of the Silver Package plus we will pitch you to hundreds of podcasts and manage your appearances. Your bookings will be based on your schedule but plan for 50 interviews scheduled, as well as choosing 5 of your favorites for a press release.

Here Are Some Examples Of Our Media One-Sheets


What is Podcast Guesting & Pitching?

Podcast Guesting and Pitching is the process of pitching yourself to be a guest on another podcast, getting booked, and successfully having podcast appearances. 

What is a One-Sheet/Media Kit?

A One-Sheet/Media Kit is a promotional page(s) all about you. It helps to showcase your talents, achievements, and more to a podcast host when considering you for their show. 

What if I want more than just Podcast Guesting & Pitching?

Contact us for a custom quote on all the services you’re looking for. We’re more than happy to bundle which will even save you money!  

What if I don't have a podcast? Can I still be a podcast guest?


Some Happy Clients

"How much time one needs to allocate for research, post, outreach & follow-up. Thank goodness for you, Sheila Galligan and your team doing what you love to do freeing others like me up to do what I love to do. Team work!"
Terra Ferrar
"Many Thanks! I started pitching just a few days back for the very first time. I didn’t wanted to wait any longer, or be perfect. Decided to put myself out there. Within a few hours of me posting I started getting booked almost immediately."
Molika Gupta