Episode 6: Interview with Marketing Strategist and Facebook Ad Expert Meliss Jakubovic

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Meliss Jakubovic. Meliss is an Online Marketing Strategist and Facebook Ad Expert for Health and Life Coaches. She’s also known a the Lead Generation Genie and a serial entrepreneur who has built her success one step at a time.

They discuss:

  • Meliss tells about her story and how she achieved her success today.
  • Life is a journey and a series of events.
  • Everyone has a journey through life, whether it is good or bad.
  • Always have faith. Have faith in yourself, a higher power and the belief that you will succeed in what you’re working on.
  • Always remember your hard work has merits and there are ups and downs, there will be failures and successes.
  • If you aren’t happy, make a change.
  • Your calling in life picks you, you don’t pick it.
  • A vision board helps you plan for your future goals and to reflect on where you have been the past few years.

When something feels good, go for it. Follow your internal compass.

Meliss Jakubovic
  • The step before running Facebook ads with a big budget is group programs.
  • Group programs build your brand awareness and visibility.
  • With group programs you get influencer status more quickly and make a bigger impact on your clients.
  • A good social proof is to ask your current clients and customers what they think about your services such as sending a survey etc.
  • Having video testimonials is a good social proof of your impact and services, you can also reach more people this way.
  • There are many types of social content. There are blogs, emails, social media posts, videos and audio.
  • Some people like some social content forms over others.
  • Know your social content strength and use it as your marketing strategy.
  • In order to be a business owner, you must be resourceful and make decisions.
  • You need to have automation to keep your content consistent.
  • Make sure you create a lot of content to market yourself so you can go back and make as many reviews as you need.
  • In order to market your business, you need to understand your target market.
  • If you are pitching to a podcast or your marketing its best to understand the value you will provide to your target market.
  • The more you get yourself out there, the more people will reach out to you.
  • Believe in what you are sharing and marketing for your business.
  • You can reach Meliss on her website at melissmarketing.com
  • Meliss has a new program called Marketing with Intention that tells you how to run your group programs. You can find more information at go.melissmarketing.com

Want To Learn More About Meliss?

Online marketing strategist and Facebook ad expert, Meliss Jakubovic helps women health and life coaches, functional medicine doctors, and service providers who are ready to generate leads, make more sales and fill their group programs.

Visit her Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/melissmarketing
Visit her Facebook Group: https://magneticmarketingmastermind.com
Follow her on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/meliss_marketing
Podcast: https://www.marketingtipswithmeliss.com
Join her Marketing With Intention program: https://go.melissmarketing.com/mwi

Grab her FREE “Finding Your Dream Customer” Guide at https://www.melissmarketing.com/dream
Bonus FREEBIE: tinyurl.com/expertmarketingguide
Grab her book: hashtagexpertbook.com

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