Episode 5: Interview with Michelle Kopper, The Transformational Message Mentor

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Shelia Galligan speak with Michelle Kopper. Michelle is a leading voice video and visibility expert who has facilitated thousands to find their true voice.

They discuss:
– Michelle shares her journey and how she became who she is today.
– Many people with a calling to make a difference have some sort of level of inexplicable fear.
– There are 3 steps to transformation. Awareness, acceptance, action.
– If you have fear, uncertainty or confusion find a mentor to help you.
– You have to accept where you are and how you are feeling without judgment.
– Make sure you take action, find support and stay on the path to a more positive outlook on life.
– It is important to be visible such as being on podcasts, Facebook lives, videos, etc.
– Inner transformation happens through “doing.”
– Feeling safe and secure without judgment is important to your inner transformation.
– Transformative witnessing is when you see others in the same vulnerability and lift it up. It is incredibly healing and powerful.
– Relating to others who are feeling scared and vulnerable will help you support and uplift each other during tough times.
– Tapping into and sharing your own unique story can help build your confidence and help with your transformation.
– An important part of your inner transformation is to “get loud.” Find ways to get your message across whether it is your Facebook lives, your book, etc.
– When pitching a podcast abandon the salesy pitch and talk about inspiration and invitations. It makes your pitch more natural and able to flow into the next step of your conversation.
– When you feel like you are not reaching your audience make sure to stay visible and look at your strategy and how you are using your visibility to lead to different invitations.
– Make sure you always say it out loud and help people understand what you’re sharing or wanting to bring as your message.
– In order to reach your audience, you should make campaigns, get the word out, offer a free gift, etc. to make your audience want to work with you and take the next step with you.
– In order to have an inner transformation, you need to have a system and the support.
– Your voice is the most important tool you have to change the world and make the life you want.
– Michelle is offering her powerful presence quiz for free on her website.
– Michelle is running her visibility power up challenge on her Facebook page, which is a 5-day mini-course.
– You can reach Michelle on her website michellekopper.com or her email michelle@michellekopper.com

About Michelle Kopper

Michelle Kopper is a leading Voice, Video, and Visibility expert who has facilitated thousands of people to find and free their true voice so that they unlock the power and impact of their unique Transformational Message to give voice to their vision online, onstage, and on video. Her down-to-earth, practical and inspiring approach has helped people from business owners to Broadway get clear, get confident and get clients while creating lives and businesses of deep fulfillment, impact, and prosperity.

You can find Michelle Kopper at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/PowerUpYourPresence/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kopptoo/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellekopper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/michelle_kopper

Grab Her Freebie: https://michellekopper.com/powerfulpresencequiz/

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