Episode 4: 5 Things To Avoid When Pitching A Podcast Host

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak about 5 things to avoid when you’re pitching a podcast host. What SHOULDN’T you do?!

They discuss: 
– Lyssa and Sheila share 5 things you should always AVOID doing when pitching your podcast.
– Always do your research and listen to the podcast you’re interested in to ensure they are in your market.
– Just because you may find a big popular podcast doesn’t mean that your personalities will work together and that you will interact well.
– Having similar personalities and markets will ensure a good interaction.
– Listen to as many podcasts that you can so you can reference to particular podcasts and favorite episodes to connect with podcast hosts.
– Make sure the podcast you want to pitch to actually takes guests.
– Always research the podcasts market and act like you really want to be on the podcast when pitching.
– Having knowledge of the podcast hosts market will ensure you connect better with them.
– Listening to podcasts can help you see if they accept guests. Sometimes they will give information on how to pitch to them, forms etc.
– When pitching your podcast, do not talk about yourself the whole time.
– Always share a concern or connection with the audience of your podcast. Giving value to your audience is important.
– Always include a freebie with your pitch. It does not have to be big, just something you can offer to their audience.
– Quality not quantity is a rule of podcasting.

“Don’t hit it and quit it.”

Lyssa when talking about why it’s important to always continue to engage with the host platforms before and after your podcast airs.

– Engaging on the hosts platforms builds your visibility.
– Following up is important with your visibility as well.
– Podcasts are about relationship building. When you build relationships it opens the door for more co-hosting opportunities and joint venture partnerships.
– Come back next week for our next episode!

As co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting, Sheila Galligan pulls out her personal Rolodex, and books her clients on the most relevant and popular podcasts to reach their ideal audience. Sheila has helped hundreds of go-getter online entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers amplify visibility, community, and sales through the power of being interviewed.  Virtual Summits for top speakers such as Lisa Sasevich, and Alison McKenzie, have been created and managed by Sheila since 2012.

Lyssa Wales is a co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting as well as a podcast producer and marketer with several years of production, radio,  and marketing experience. She understands the importance of balance with work and life. Her goal is to help the business owners she works with create balance in their life as well, by taking some of the work off of their to-do list and put it on their “done” list. She wants her clients to succeed with their business-that way everyone wins!

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