Episode 18: It’s Not Just About Selling with Caterina Rando

“The number one way to get derriere’s in chairs as I like to say is personal invitations.”

In this episode of Quit Your Pitching, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan interview Caterina Rando who passionately serves entrepreneurs and leaders on a mission. Her over twenty-five years of educating and empowering audiences and groups, makes her truly masterful at providing a ton of value. She shows entrepreneurs how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to make their businesses thrive. Caterina is all about, positivity, integrity, generosity, community and providing massive value while uplifting others. Caterina is a sought-after-speaker, event producer and a prolific author her books include: Learn to Think Differently, from Watkins Publishing, released in over thirteen countries and several languages, A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle and her latest book, the ABCs of Public Speaking which quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories. Caterina leads an annual Breakthrough Luxury Retreat for Women Entrepreneurs, a Sought-After-Speaker Mastermind Cruise and The Thriving Retreats program to teach women how to to do their own workshops and retreats. She is also, the founder of The The Thriving Women in Business Center in San Francisco, a place for women to gather and host workshops. Plus she also started the Thriving Women in Business Giving Circle. This is a group of big-hearted entrepreneurs, who raise money for women and girls education and entrepreneurship training.

Lyssa, Sheila & Caterina talk about:

  • Why networking is important for building a relationship with your ideal clients
  • Using workshops to as a warm lead into turning your potential clients into actual clients
  • Don’t forget the follow-up!
  • Caterina’s super tip on filling your workshops
  • The challenges that Caterina overcomes

This 28-minute episode will give you the tips and advice you need to fill your workshops, create a successful client roster, and build better relationships in your entrepreneur journey.

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Instagram Link: https://www.instagram.com/caterina_rando/

Website Link: https://caterinarando.com/

LinkedIn Link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/caterinarando

Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/CaterinaRando

Pinterest Link: https://www.pinterest.com/caterinarando/

Link to your freebie: http://makemoneywithworkshops.com

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