Episode 14: Relationships, Wealth & More with Morgana Rae

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Morgana Rae, mentor coach and 20-time international number one best selling author. She lets us in about her new products and services. Tune in to learn her tips for success!

How do you handle negative things ruining your life? …

“The purpose of love is not to pair with a perfect person but someone who is willing to be kind, loving and work through stuff.”

What is your purpose?

Think positive thoughts because negative temporary thoughts don’t give you the desire to change.

Have purpose to change the life of others by reaching more people.

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Morgana Rae. They discuss…

• She shares her journey as an entrepreneur.
• Morgana shares about her new products and services!
• Learn how to make changes and get into a more positive mindset!

Tune into this 27-minute episode + hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Morgana Rae + she lets us in on her new products and some of her tips for success!

Key Points:

• Your journey is what defines you!
• Morgana shares her journey that led her to be an entrepreneur.
• Morgana shares for the first time about some of her new services and products!
• Hopelessness narrative is nonsense.
• She tells how her husband who is a relationship coach will be cohosting on her new podcast!
• “The purpose of love is not to pair up with a perfect person, but to pair up with a person who is going to be willing to be kind, loving, and work through stuff.”
• It’s important to remember that we have different insights then others including the ones we love!
• When you have a good relationship with money then you will have a good relationship with human beings.
• The first way to help with money and your relationships is to understand what in your relationships are being affected negatively by money.
• Destroy your monsters that are affecting your life.
• Money is an area of life that has so much wound and mess that needs our love and healing.
• You can use your knowledge and passions to reach more people.
• Morgana shares about a challenge on Facebook called, My Rich Witch Challenge.
• Rich Witch will be the name of Morgana’s new podcast launching soon!
• Make sure to stay connected to your community and interact with them.
• Having a podcast or radio show is a good way to get a message you want to share out there.
• Morgana shares her word of advice: Change your relationship with money. Go to morganarae.com to start her free 4-part video series.
• The best way to get clients is to build genuine relationships with them.
• The farther you go into what isn’t working, the more motivated you are to create a dramatic change and create your success!

Links to connect with Morgana Rae:
Website: Morganarae.com (you can find coaching and more here!)
Ways to ask questions and directly speak to Morgana for a future episode on Rich Witch: askmorgana.com

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