Episode 13: Interview with Amanda Huffman, Turning A Life Experience Into A Success

It’s normal to feel lost at one point in life. A decision can turn the experience of life into a cluster of unforgettable experiences! In this episode, we interview Amandaa former military officer transformed into the successful podcast host “Woman Of The Military.

Is it possible to create a successful blog and podcast having to take care of a family?

“I think finding my voice was really a challenge that I was struggling with.”

In this episode Lyssa Wales and Amanda Huffman talk about:

  • Turn your own experiences into inspiration for others.
  • The discrimination suffered by women in the military force.
  • Being a mother and entrepreneur of blogs, podcasts, and books.

Tune into this 18-minute solid episode on key points to keep in mind when starting out as an entrepreneur such as:

  • Creating a community and generating networks.
  • Maybe look for a co-production to help with all the work.
  • Paying attention to what the podcast is about.
  • Identify the value you can bring as a guest to a colleague’s audience.

Don’t forget to check Amanda’s links:



Amanda also wrote a girl’s guide to the military, check it out:

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