Episode 11: Interview with Kimberly Hobscheid founder of Entrepreneurs Rocket Fuel

Make sure you are putting yourself out there and living out your true purpose in life. In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Kimberly Hobscheid and she shares all about being a successful entrepreneur.

What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? …

Sometimes people in corporate are doing well, promoting, succeeding and then they realize they are carrying someone else’s purpose.

What does success mean?

Focus on serving people, doing what is right in the world and giving value to your customers.

Make sure you are getting your message out there that you want to share with the world, that will bring you success!

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Kimberly Hobscheid. They discuss…

• Kimberly shares her inspiring story and how it led her to having 6 businesses!
• Tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
• Learn some bonus tips about podcasting with questions Kimberly has!

Tune into this 20-minute episode + hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Kimberly Hobscheid + she shares tips on putting yourself out there as an entrepreneur

Key Points:

• Sometimes everything aligns, and you realize you are not carrying out your true purpose.
• Profitability is important for an entrepreneur so they can make enough money to invest back into their business.
• Make sure within your business, you can help yourself and other entrepreneurs succeed.
• Every time you get out there and you give your message to the world, you have an opportunity to hear it, refine it, see how it fell on the audience deciding whether or not to adjust it slightly.
• “Your best speech is always your next one.”
• If you hang on to stuff and you do not get it out there two bad things will happen. Nobody will know your purpose and mission. And you will not ever be able to perfect your speech.
• When you are trying to start a podcast and want to guest on one, you need to do some research and see if the podcast will benefit from the message you want to share.
• You understand podcasting more and feel more comfortable starting your own podcast when you have been a guest on someone else’s before.
• Inviting people on your “journey” rather then pitching and selling them is the best approach as an entrepreneur.
• Always think about your customers first as an entrepreneur!
• Give a short intro to your clients including your name, a little bit about you and who you serve.
• Make sure you spread what your purpose is and how you can solve problems to your target audience.
• Make sure you are engaging with your target audience.
• Get your message out there. If you are not being seen, you are going to get lost and not be able to share your message here on this planet.
• Encouraging words from Kimberly, “We only have so many go rounds on this planet, and we might as well make the most of it.”
• Kimberly is sharing her freebie, a PDF that is a quick read on how to be a successful entrepreneur. https://cf.entrepreneursrocketfuel.com/giftwhatiwishiknew 

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