Episode 1: Who We Are

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan introduce “Quit Your Pitching Podcast.” They share their stories and why this podcast was created.

They discuss:

  • Lyssa shares her story. She has nearly 10 years of podcast experience, radio experience, website design and teaching. People refer to her as a “Podcast Guru”
  • Sheila shares her story. She has meeting planning, implementing summits and booking people for podcast episodes experience.
  • Each host explains their why and why they wanted to start this podcast.
  • You can do freelancing work and virtual assistant work from your home.

“You’ll never work a day in your life if you’re doing something you love.”

  • Everyone’s story deserves to be heard.
  • If you reach just one person and help them or change their lives, you have done your calling.
  • Podcasts are now taking over in many ways.
  • Podcasts are free.
  • Podcasts are in your ear. You can listen to them on headphones anywhere you are.
  • Podcasts are on demand.
  • Podcasts build relationships with people.
  • Podcasts give you instant credibility for your work and story.
  • Quit Your Pitching Podcast will share stories from entrepreneurs, how-to’s, and more!
  • Big Picture Podcasting will be having courses on ways to create your perfect pitch, podcast and more! They will also be offering freebies and “Done for You Services.”
  • Their freebie this episode includes templates to get you set making your own Media One Sheet and Marketing Kit.
  • We are looking forward to sharing more episodes soon!

Grab our freebie here:

Want to know more about your hosts?

Lyssa Wales is a co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting as well as a podcast producer and marketer with several years of production, radio,  and marketing experience. She understands the importance of balance with work and life. Her goal is to help the business owners she works with create balance in their life as well, by taking some of the work off of their to-do list and put it on their “done” list. She wants her clients to succeed with their business-that way everyone wins!

As co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting, Sheila Galligan pulls out her personal Rolodex, and books her clients on the most relevant and popular podcasts to reach their ideal audience. Sheila has helped hundreds of go-getter online entrepreneurs, coaches, authors, and speakers amplify visibility, community, and sales through the power of being interviewed.  Virtual Summits for top speakers such as Lisa Sasevich, and Alison McKenzie, have been created and managed by Sheila since 2012.

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