Episode. 12: Interview with Anung of Courageous Creativity

The moment you find what you love to do, the more successful you will be as an entrepreneur. In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Anung and she shares tips to be a successful entrepreneur.

How can you be successful as an entrepreneur? …

“Why don’t you work for yourself because you don’t like taking orders from other people?”

How do you see your business?

The moment you find the thing that you love, it just opens, and you realize you can do it.

Your purpose of your business is to help others.

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Anung. They discuss…

• She shares her journey as an entrepreneur.
• Tips to becoming a successful entrepreneur.
• Learn bonus tips to pitching to a podcast successfully!

Tune into this 20-minute episode + hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Anung + she shares tips on how to be a successful entrepreneur

Key Points:

• When you find what you love to do, things will open, and you will realize you can do it.
• Everyone deserves to get their story out.
• Having and understanding your target audience is key to success as an entrepreneur.
• Find support from others in entrepreneur groups, blogger groups, etc. by asking questions and finding resources.
• You can find support groups where everyone helps each other.
• Within your main income you can have different small streams of income. This can be courses, digital products, services etc.
• Make a list when you first start out of what you want to do and what your niche is.
• Once you have a list of things you want to do or niche in, split them up into ways you can make money with them. The first one is going to be your quickest money maker.
• There is something out there for everyone, no matter what the topic.
• As an entrepreneur you have a mission to help the greater good.
• Make sure it is not about you but everything you should be; your point of your business to help someone else.
• Being a successful entrepreneur does not just happen overnight, it takes time to build your business.
• When you are pitching to a podcast, make sure you are bringing something mutually beneficial to you both.
• You do not need to change the way you are fundamentally; you just need to help upgrade yourself.

Links to connect with Anung

Website/Freebies: courageouscreativity.co/freebies

Social Media: @Anung (only one that shows)

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