Benefits To Using Podcasting For Business

Mention podcasting and the image of someone sitting in their basement with a computer and microphone, dreaming of becoming a professional DJ, is what comes to mind for many. It may surprise you to learn that this emerging technology is actually becoming a mainstream marketing and communication tool for businesses, with the potential to make significant contributions to the bottom line.

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The Reasons Podcasting Can Be a Great Marketing Tool

The podcasting world is growing every year. Millions of people are starting to listen to podcasts as they are convenient. You can almost listen to a podcast anywhere, the laundry mat, library, driving, and so much more. Not only can you have your voice and opinions heard, but you can also use podcasting as a…

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Episode 6: Interview with Marketing Strategist and Facebook Ad Expert Meliss Jakubovic

In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Meliss Jakubovic. Meliss is an Online Marketing Strategist and Facebook Ad Expert for Health and Life Coaches. She’s also known a the Lead Generation Genie and a serial entrepreneur who has built her success one step at a time. They discuss: Meliss tells about…

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