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Who We Are

Two midwest gals who have a passion for helping others get their story heard, Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan create magic within the podcast world through their “big picture” a-z podcasting services. They help clients with everything from guesting and getting booked, launching & producing, to sponsorships and monetization.

Sheila Galligan (pictured top right), co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the “Quit Your Pitching” podcast, is a multi-talented podcast pitch perfector. With years of podcast pitching experience and the success of landing 100s of podcast guesting spots her clients rave about how podcast guesting has taken their business to the next level! 

Lyssa Wales (pictured bottom right), co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the ‘Quit Your Pitching’ podcast, is a podcast producer and promoter. Her expertise in podcast production and marketing has helped over 50 new podcasters create the podcast of their dreams. Her clients have created podcasts that reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Together, Lyssa & Sheila help entrepreneurs get their story out there. They believe each person has a unique story to tell and an equally unique person who needs to hear their message. With a combined 20 years of experience, having booked over 1500 interviews since 2011, and having found success through podcasts themselves, Sheila and Lyssa know the value podcasts can provide. Their goal is to help you create success with podcasts and relationship building too! 


What We Do

Podcast Production Services
We offer a wide variety of podcast production services. Starting with launches, editing, publishing and going all the way to podcast monetization and sponsorship, we are a podcasting entrepreneurs one stop shop.
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Podcast Guesting Services
Looking to be a guest on a podcast? Looking to get guests on your podcast? We offer podcast guest management services for all podcasters. You'll not only get 'done for you' services, but you'll also get access to our digital rolodex of podcasters!
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Podcast Promotion & Marketing
Are you looking to market and promote your podcast? Looking to get sponsorships and monetize your podcast? Let us help!
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Podcast Consulting & Courses
Are you looking for podcast consulting? Or maybe you're looking for a DIY approach but aren't sure where to start? Find out more about how we can help!
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Episode 16: Hustle & Grace with Hilary Sutton

You have the freedom to invent each and every day of your life. In this episode, hosts Lyssa Wales and Sheila Galligan speak with Hilary Sutton, writer, speaker and...

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Episode 15: Learn Your Legacy with Tamara Patzer

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What Our Clients Say


Jana Short

Wellness coach & Major Influencer

“I have worked with Lyssa for several months on the Oh, My Health podcast. She’s been with me since I very first envisioned it. Her and her team have built my podcast up through the very best editing, marketing, and more. My work with Lyssa doesn’t stop at the podcast. Her and her team help with my social media, website, and more. They have been able to capture my message in the most meaningful way and keep everything running smoothly from start to finish. It’s really hard to find a great expert online, and I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Lyssa when I was! She has been a livesaver for and my business. Thank you Lyssa!”

Dr. Lucinda Sykes

Director of Meditation in Toronto

“Thank you for this great workshop — inspiring and so practical! Such accessible teaching.”


Terra Farrar


“How much time one needs to allocate for research, post, outreach & follow-up. Thank goodness for you, Sheila Galligan and your team doing what you love to do freeing others like me up to do what I love to do. Team work!”


Samantha Semans


“Lyssa was so amazing. She helped me when I was stuck. She was easy to work with, knew exactly what I needed, and came through!”